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This is as good an example as I can show of how I go about recovering artwork for long-lost household product, when there isn’t a lot to work with. Last week I found this wonky photo – not even the original poster – with some of the old ETA products from my childhood; only a fragment of the chicken flavour chips package, and it was hidden behind the others.

I really loved this even back in the day as it was already retro-looking then, having not been revised for a very long time, or at least – very out of step with the current graphics trends of the 1980’s. I wasn’t able to find any references at all which I thought was amazing for such a popular product over the years. So with a lot of work with Adobe programs, and some imagination as well,  I was able to reconstruct the design.

I’m not sure about the vignette that says “tasty” – I can’t at this point in time find out what the word was – so until the moment comes I just used creative license. So it’s not 100% accurate but I am pretty happy with the results!

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  1. hi it was good to read a bit about eta.not much about eta at marrickville.i worked there from 1958 to 1962 as a van boy around sydney and a bit latter the south coast to wollongong,i really enjoyed working for eta then mid 1962 i received a DCM.cant buy eta products any more. barb a q sauce and margarine.i worked with a nice bunch of people iwould love to meet up with them. regards pete.

  2. Peter I did another post on ETA a while back and I got to look into some of the Australian history. It is hard to find information on it. Eta had a history page up, then they took it down a while back. There is little to know about Sydney operations. I had a look on the site that usually has workplace groups, and all the ETA ones are for New Zealand factories – none for Australia, which is weird. So no help there. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I was considering buying some nz eta peanut butter and bringing it back to aus as I miss the eta taste, it tasted far better than the current choice available here these days, maybe it was because when you are a kid, everything tastes better.

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