Dental Clinic Redux

In Dental Clinic, Health Poster on December 1, 2010 at 10.46

Well, this is my first post so in brief – After collecting images for years of anything from my childhood in New Zealand that brings back a memory, I eventually realised I’d like to “share” the experience and in the process somehow organize that jumble into a feed that can be appreciated by, and enjoyed with, others. I focus on food packaging and advertising, and hope to occasionally post footage of adverts. Eventually I’d like to see others contribute images and stories.

Let’s start with the classic health poster; of which there were many fantastic designs over the years focussed on dental hygiene, diet and good nutrition. Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington have quite a collection. Hard to find and quite valuable these days, they were once common in clinics up and down the country. Unchanged for many decades, they were charming and somehow I am never reminded of pain- as you would expect to be imprinted on the mind of impressionable children staring at these for hours while being drilled and filled on yet another fear-filled trip to the school surgery. And who doesn’t remember being in the chair under harsh lights with a mouth full of cotton wool, gazing up at one of these beauties like the surreal Kiwi made of fruit? I’ve never seen one for sale, but I sure would like to own one eventually. With patience, I am sure I will.

  1. Hi, where do you reckon I could find something to copy this from for a poster?

  2. Hi Melissa, You really can’t get it anywhere. They are very hard to find now – I haven’t even seen it in a public collection, and I’ve never seen one for sale in the last five years. I have a 300 dpi image of it that would print up to 60 cm H, if you would like it I can email it to you for a nominal fee.

    • Hi, think I replied to the post!!!! Yes I would love a copy emailed. Saw one in Lone Star Nelson pasted to a board and tatty around the edges, couldn’t believe my eyes. Look forward to your reply. Melissa

  3. Hi there, I am also interested in this image – could you please tell me what the fee would be, and how I could pay it? Many thanks! Tony Stiker, Brooklyn, NY

  4. Sounds great. I have just seen a poster in Lone Star in Nelson. Pasted on a board with tatty edges. Couldn’t believe when I saw it. Yes an emailed copy would be fantastic, how much. Look forward to your reply. Melissa

  5. I will email both of you in regards to this. One sold a few months ago at auction for $700 + and that’s the only one I have ever seen come up. I know there is one on a University campus in the South Island somewhere, pinned up to the wall in a plastic sleeve along with a few other health posters as someone sent me pictures. and there’s one or two others around, but very few.

    • Hi there, I thought I would check in – haven’t received the file as an attachment in an email yet. Have you had a chance to send it? I’m still quite interested – just let me know what you would charge for this. My email is: tstiker@hotmail.com. Thanks, Tony

  6. Thanks so much – I’ll look forward to hearing from you! (And can’t believe the $700 auction, but I guess this holds a lot of attachment for people! I’m obviously interested…) Best, Tony

  7. Has anything happened with this yet? Am still keen. Cheers

  8. Hi Melissa, I emailed you a couple of times while I was organising Tony’s, and never heard back so assumed you were not interested after all.

    • Oh must of missed them! My husband has just had back surgery and was on his back for 3 months so life hasn’t been normal!!!! Yes still really keen.

  9. i had over 40 different original health posters over 30 years ago,sold most to auckland museum,but kept the healthy kiwi poster 1954 i believe

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