Whatta ‘Lova Rubbish

In Culinary Anthropology, Desserts, Pavlova, Professor Helen Leach on December 4, 2010 at 10.46

Today the ABC ran a brief interest story about who is the rightful winner in the claim to ownership of the glorious dessert the Pavlova according to the new edition of the Oxford dictionary:


This is not in any way a recent revelation, So by definition it is actually disqualified from being “news”.

Although this has been a bit of a “chicken or the egg?” story for a few decades now, it was already settled in New Zealand’s favour by a recipe published in Home Cookery for New Zealand, by E Futter, in1926, “Meringue with Fruit Filling”. The next earliest claim, again by the Kiwis, in 1929. Although Australians have disputed the right to dub it their national dessert, the earliest claim they can make is limping in at 1935 by Bert Sachse, a chef at The Esplanade Hotel in Perth.
This was all proven  beyond a shadow of a doubt some time ago, in a book published in 2008 by Professor Helen Leach, a culinary anthropologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

What cadet wrote this piece of crap? It’s one of the worst articles I’ve read this year not just simply because it was badly researched, it just wasn’t researched or fact-checked at all. The ABC can do better, such as just moving their finger to the search button on Google might help.

  1. I adore her pavlova hat. So doing it for my next shoot before fucking Gaga sees it.

  2. Mitford Meringue

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