Bite Size: My Goodies

In Maycey's, Whittaker's on July 6, 2011 at 10.46

I came up with an idea for briefer posts which I am going to call “Bite Size” from now on; as opposed to the longer, researchy type of posts I do that take quite some time to put together – as I’m going to find in the next few months I’m not going to have that sort of time on my hands. When I have a moment I’ll put together a logo for it.

On that note, today I got my order from Kiwi Fine Foods in Queensland;

Black Knight’s  Liquorice Assortment

Rainbow’s Feijoa Creams

Empire’s Liquorice Bars

Maycey’s Glo-Harts

Empire’s Feijoa drops

Whittaker’s K Bars, every flavour

I found Kiwi Fine Foods on-line while I was researching Maycey’s products and I couldn’t help myself – many of these products I haven’t tried for thirty years. And this is probably the closest I am going to get to Feijoas in the forseeable future too (except for a couple of months ago when a friend in Melbourne was complaining about a bumper crop that she didn’t want – but flatly refused to post any to me!)

I last recall having Black Knight when I was five years old,  so I really can’t wait until tonight to tear this open! Although the box seems about two thirds the size I recall…everyone always says that , don’t they?

I know it’s childish to be this excited about candy, but you know – cheap thrills and all that.



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