Bite Size: Sweet and Fizzy Memories

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Kandy was a drink I remember very well from my childhood, although – I don’t know if we were ever actually allowed it – I think it was probably a bit too trashy so it stayed on the shelves at the dairy. Not to mention that there’s not one thing about it that isn’t man-made. Its pop-style garishness signifies that Australasian obsession I’ve mentioned before – a fascination with all things American and retro in the mid-late 1970s period, probably inspired by the popularity of TV shows like Happy Days, Sha Na Na and Laverne and Shirley (and inspired Rocker stylings in adverts like Bluebird chips, Perky Nana, and Sparkles) at the same time as Kiwis were busy un-tethering their Union Jack apron.

KANDY Soft Drink Can 1970s-80s copy sml WATERM copy

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Unlike Leed, as I’ve recently found out, Kandy was endemic to Aotearoa as far as I am aware. Kandy came in a crown-capped bottle as well , although I don’t remember ever seeing it. I’ve always loved the design which could not be more consummately “Seventies.”

Soft Drink Cans FOOD PROCESSORS Ltd Watties 1980s sml

Three drinks manufactured by Food Processors Ltd: Old Stoney and Kandy are 1970s versions, Green Lime Flavour is a 1980s product.


It was manufactured by a company named Food Processors Limited, which I think was a sub of Wattie’s under the General Foods Corporation umbrella. Food Processors Ltd also made Old Stoney, a popular canned ginger beer which was around through the Seventies and into the late Eighties, maybe longer, and others like one that was just called Green Lime Flavour. I think that Wattie’s probably acquired Food Processors Ltd in the 1980s as suddenly their logo is emblazoned on some of the later cans.

Soft Drink Cans 1970s-80s NZ KANDY-WATTIES edit sml

A selection of late 1970s-early 1980s drink cans; One of the Wattie’s products under their own brand top left. Image courtesy of and ©  Steve Williams collection.


Wattie’s of course also did a large number of drinks in the 1970s and 1980s that readers will remember like Pasito, Frist, Lemonz, and Life. Most of these are not too hard to get on auction sites and come up on a fairly regular basis. Under their own brand Wattie’s did canned lemonade, sparkling lemon, orange fruit drink , and lemon fruit drink. Also a range of fruit nectars – peach, pear, apricot, and nectarine. Citrus and tomato juices were of course a mainstay of the product roster through the decades and were produced from the 1950s onwards.

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  1. I had forgotten it but I do remember Kandy and it was yummy!

  2. Apparently very sweet and raspberry flavoured.

  3. I remember drinking this as a kid in Australia, was delicious. Thanks for posting this image! I thought it was a Coca-Cola Bottlers beverage, along with Fanta, Leed, Coke, etc, but that’s from my 8-year-old-child memory.

    • It’s quite possible that Coca-Cola Bottlers had a license to manufacture it in Australia. As far as I know, Wattie’s never really had a presence there – so it would make sense.

  4. I have an old 250ml Frist can that I found under a house in Qld Aus. I have not been able to find out anything about it until now. Probably because the can is branded under Kirk’s not Watties. So I would assume Coca-cola took it over at some stage?

    • I’m not sure, but Kirk’s also made Old Stoney Ginger Beer in Australia, and they still do. So one can assume they licensed the brands from Wattie’s or vice versa, I guess that’s a yes if Kirk’s was under the Coca-Cola Co in Australia at the time. I don’t really know anything of the history of Kirk’s.

  5. Could you tell me more about Go cola?

    • Hi Ann, not really. All I know is it was made by Wattie’s Industries in the 1970s also, and probably wasn’t around long. Any memorabilia of it is far and few between and quite collectable. I have a picture of a tin sign and a picture of a steel can – that’s all.

      • I just dug up a go cola can today, helps date the age of my garage at least

      • Haha, yes it does! I was actually just looking at what I have on Go Cola a few days ago when the topic was raised elsewhere. Very few examples around. The advertising signs are highly prized.

  6. Hi!

    My own personal ‘Mandela Effect’ has to be ‘LEEDS LEMONADE’.

    Thats right, ‘Leed’ with an ‘S’. All I see now is the ‘S’ gone..huh? I grew up in NZ, Wellington, in the 60’s and 70’s and def, without a doubt remember LEEDS! It does not look or sound right at all now.

    Does anyone else remember it that way? Would be intrigued to hear.

    FANTASTIC website, and it’s brought back loads of memories, huge thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Cathy 🙂

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