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NZ catalogue of early 1960s christmas cards, wrapping paper. tags and calender samples 6 copy

From a catalogue of early 1960s Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags and calendar samples by the En-Zed company. This design looks like the work of renowned illustrator Nobby Clark.


Traditionally, this time of the year has been in advertising and sales overdrive, as hands-down the biggest period of the year for retailers. Yuletide adverts in the New Zealand food and drink (and associated) categories are still far and few between regardless, given the narrow nature of the specific subject matter. However in anticipation, over the last twelve months I’ve managed to scratch together these following mass marketing items of days past.

Also the three year anniversary of Longwhitekid was on the first day of December, back when I made my first post in 2010. Who knew it would last this long, and still be going strong!

As for a recap on top reads for 2013, they remained pretty similar to the previous year, with no new entries:

My piece on the number one Kiwi-established  chocolate manufacturer A Sticky Business: Whittaker’s took the top spot yet again with around 1200 people reading the story.

The following most popular pieces I have posted were as follows:

Tasteful Transformation: Tip-Top’s TT2 and Moggy Man

Power Outlet: The Force of Four Square and Foodstuffs NZ Ltd

Brands Shine On: Reckitt & Colman

The Bugle Boy of Company F: Creamota and Sergeant Dan

I really don’t understand why people are so interested in Reckitt & Colman. The others I get, but…anyway. On the down-side, it’s disappointing that nothing new I wrote made it in for the whole twelve months.

At New Year I’ll be counting down the top thirty most popular Kiwiana images as voted by my readers, so see you then. Meanwhile, enjoy the images below.

D.Y.C - Xmas Greetings 1947 - New Zealand Grocer's Review

D.Y.C vinegar ad from the Grocer’s Review, January 1948 edition. Image courtesy of Mike Davidson.


EDMONDS BAKING POWDER CHRISTMAS CAKE - ILOTT - Press, Volume LV, Issue 16685, 20 November 1919, Page 5

Edmonds baking powder advert, designed by Ilotts agency, The Press, November 1919.


Farmers and santa in Christchurch Tim Newman

Farmers’  Christchurch at Christmas time, 1970s. Image courtesy of  Tim Newman.


Father Christmas promotes Whitcombe & Tombs, 1886 Turnbull

Father Christmas promotes Whitcombe and Tombs printers, 1886. Image courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library, Printed Ephemera Collection, Ref: Eph-C-PRINTING-1886-01.


Man and child shopping for Christmas presents, [James Smith Ltd], Wellington 1955

Man and child shopping for Christmas presents at James Smith Ltd, Wellington, 1955. Image taken for the Evening Post newspaper. Image courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library collection, Ref: EP/1955/2799-F.


Coca-Cola Santa Christmas Soft Drink Cans Set - New Zealand 1987

Commemorative Christmas set of cans issued by Coca-Cola in 1987, featuring various Rockwell renderings of Santa from 1940s-1950s advertising. Image courtesy of  Steve Williams collection.



Once often seen at junk shops and garage sales: Sovereign Woodwork, NZ Woman’s Weekly,  November 1959. 


Woman's Weekly, Nov 1974 - ERNEST ADAMS CHRISTMAS PUDDINGS   (20)

Ernest Adams Christmas puddings advert, Woman’s Weekly, November 1974.


SANTA PARADE Wellington Santa Parade, sponsored by James  Smiths Ltd edit

James Smith Ltd Santa Parade, Wellington, 1958. Images taken for the Evening Post newspaper. Image courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library collection, Ref: EP/1958/4008-F .


Stitch Magazine december 1951 santa xmas

Stitch needlework magazine cover, of December 1951.


Santa Queen St Whitcoull's Building

The Farmers’ Santa on the Whitcoull’s building, Queen Street, probably in the 1990s.


Santa's grotto, James Smith Ltd JAMES SMITHS NLNZ

Santa’s grotto at James Smith Ltd, 1950s. Image courtesy of Alexander Turnbull Library collection, Ref: 1/2-208562-F.


Santatoy toys -Edward B Firth, trading as Hamilton Toy Co 1944 - Well Made New Zealand - Richard Wolfe (59) copy

Santatoy toys , Edward B Firth, trading as the Hamilton Toy Co., mid 194os.


All content of Longwhitekid copyright Darian Zam © 2013. All rights reserved.

  1. Love the images -especially the first one. Thanks again

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