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Bite Size: The Sugar Boiler

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I was excited to discover one morning last week that Facebook have finally introduced an edit feature to statuses, meaning that for the first time you don’t have to annoyingly delete and re-post – sometimes multiple times – every instance in which you want to make a change or correction to something. You’d think this feature would be logical to include but apparently not – and they’ve never had it until now.

With this in mind, I suddenly thought up that it may be an interesting challenge to do something with that on Longwhitekid’s sister page History Always Repeats. I came up with a novel idea to live-research a story throughout the day by editing a status as I went.

Facebook 3

However I quickly realised that the feature hadn’t quite rolled out to everyone at this point- and definitely doesn’t extend to pages (not yet, anyway) – and this wasn’t going to work as planned.

Never fear, I deleted my first post and set up a new album and commenced to unravel the story. As it turns out adding a number of pictures kept it interesting anyway, as I rambled away to myself. The premise was an ad I found in papers past, of an experienced British confectioner seeking employment in that field in Auckland in 1935. I decided to find out some more about his life and career and just see where it took me. As it turns out it wasn’t a dud at all.

The album is here with the comments underneath telling the story as I progressed. Partington was no relation to the well-known milling family of Auckland, that I know of.




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