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Kaipara Dairy Co-op Skim Milk Chef crop

This is just an update post on several things that have been going on, as well as a round-up on the last year – or two, even.

Firstly, I want to thank all the new readers, people who have placed links on their own blogs, and the people that have signed up to follow. After two years the blog is picking up steam and as a result I have made many interesting contacts and friends in the history, research and collecting fields. Longwhitekid has even been listed on the National Library of New Zealand’s website as one of their “go-to” resources on the genre, I was pretty chuffed by that. Now the National Library of Australia are archiving the lot too. Longwhitekid has also been featured recently on the websites of Groove 107.7 FM, The Cultural Mapping Project, NZICMA (The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturer’s Association),  and Living in 60s 70s 80s Christchurch on Facebook. Thanks everyone for your support!

Just when I was ready to write off Facebook for good, for the first year they jumped from nowhere to the number one slot – and I received more traffic from there than any other source. Previously most of my visitors have come through from the blogroll of my friend Lisa Truttman’s definitive (not to mention extensive) Auckland history journal Timespanner. Flickr traditionally follows after the fact. The most highly read post was the one I did on Tip-Top’s Moggy Man and TT-2s. The rest of the posts that ranked in the top five most reads were on Whittakers, Reckitt & Colman, Spaceman candy cigarettes, and the history of Buttermaid and the Dustin family business.

It has also brought in some interesting offers. I was adamant from the start, and have maintained that, as one of several projects I work on – I wanted this one to stay simply a pastime. It didn’t have to have an “outcome” for once – it was to be pure enjoyment and didn’t serve any real purpose – a hobby in the definitive sense. Although I have been approached over various tentative writing projects and the like… I have elected to avoid most of them (how many times have I heard “really, you should do a book”- the first time was one too many). However I have finally caved – a few months back I got a very interesting proposition via one of my posts here which has been under discussion for a while now. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details except to say it is moving and that’s the only hint I am going to give. The prospect is a very exciting one!

longwhitekid bite size repeat smaller

With some notoriety comes the down side. Recently I was dismayed to discover that a woman named Sarndra Raybould of Waipukurau had been downloading the artwork from Longwhitekid, my online store, and also my Flickr account, and putting it on various (cruddy, embarrassing) items of merchandise for sale on her website and Trade Me. You can say “well, that’s what you get for putting it out there”, and she did say that – in between the lines . That still doesn’t make it right. I wasn’t the only one. Other people had photos filched, and she took artwork from Wattie’s, Sanitarium and an advertising agency Fly Creative that have worked with everyone from CSR to Edmonds.

Then, when I confronted her and asked for an explanation (not an apology – I never actually got that) , she had the gall to tell me that all I do is “just use bits of other people’s stuff and Photoshop it together” so who am I to criticize  etc. This probably comes from someone that thinks an Adobe Suite is one of the better rooms in a mud hut hotel in the desert somewhere. Anyway, apparently that justifies theft, by denigrating my skills. A weak excuse, and irrelevant I may add. No, I corrected Miss Ravebold – I have respect for what I do – whereas she is just a thief.
She was not even justificatory – she arrogantly believed she had a right to do whatever she pleased. She did take (most of) the stuff she had for sale off Trade Me and her business website. By the end of it she had made me furious which was clearly her intention. What a piece of work! Apparently it was too much to simply say sorry – I would have let it go. I’m good like that.

So, this has led me to placing a copyright by-line on the main page, as well as under every post from now on. It’s unfortunate I have to do this but that is just the way it is – Give some people an inch as they say. I probably should have done this from the start but I really didn’t think anyone would be that interested in anything I am doing. Seemingly, this has all changed. The premise was always sharing information. Sadly, some people will just take whatever you offer up – and further to that clean you out completely.

Kaipara Dairy Co-op Skim Milk Chef  tin label SMALLER

Unlike some people I don’t think I own history; it belongs to no-one and never will belong to anybody. And I don’t personally think that because it comes up on Google, I can just take it. I try to give credit where it’s due, going to some trouble to track down authors and copyrights (many things are from private collections that are kindly and generously lent to me for my use alone). And I try to remember to thank people if they help me. But if you print it off and paste it on a butt-ugly toilet roll holder (which she did) – and then give me an attitude about it, you’re asking for a war. You’ve been warned. Fortunately for me, the Marmite people, pissed off about her use of their imagery, stepped in with their issues and finished the job off for me. Anyway, in lieu of simply biting the bullet and conceding with that one simple word – every time someone Googles Sarndra’s name – this will come up from now until eternity. That’s a pretty apt punishment, I think. And I rank quite highly on search engines, unfortunately for her.

The image at the top is a recreation I have done of yet another label from the Kaipara Dairy Co-op, which I covered here in April 2011 and here in January 2012. I guess it dates from the early 1960s. They don’t come up for sale that often, but they do come up – perhaps once a year. I’d describe these cans as a “hard to get” item. Yet it’s interesting that both Auckland venues MOTAT and the Maritime Museum have the bulk versions of this can in their “ol’ timey grocery” displays – and in multiples. They look in too good condition and are too difficult to get for me to believe they are the real deal; I think someone has made them. I will see them with my own eyes one of these days and be the judge. Anyway, that’s what I’ve done, since I have really wanted an example for my collection for quite a while and every single time I’ve missed out on it. As far as the future of the dairy buildings in Helensville – I recall someone slipped me a note somewhere saying that the building, after being re-listed for auction, was purchased, but by whom – and what for – is unknown. There was talk that it would possibly be grabbed by local council, for an arts precinct – which would be brilliant – but I doubt that’s what happened.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to another fun and interesting year for Longwhitekid.



Addendum, early Aug 2013: Our chef has a name! Meet Pierre Auguste. Finally this week an ad  turned up showing that Instant Kaipara was in production from at least the late 1950s, also in labelled jars as well as the two sizes of tins. This is the only time I have ever seen the product advertised. 

Recipe Book and Household Guide - Women's division Federated Famers NZ (Inc) - Kaipara Co-op Dairy - Pierre Auguste sml

From the Recipe Book and Household Guide by Women’s division Federated Farmers NZ (Inc)., exact publishing date unknown but appears to be late 1950s-early 1960s.





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