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Bite Size: Souped up

In Canned Goods, soup, Wattie Cannery Ltd, Wattie's on July 29, 2012 at 10.46

So here’s my third post in less than a week, trying to catch up after a significant event has ripped a quarter of my schedule from the year.
The same old story as previously posted on quite a few times now – recreations of 25 or so labels that were offered up for auction by a Trade Me seller in early 2011, apparently a portion of the collection that belonged to a former merchandising manager who had kept an archive during his tenure at one of the plants. More details here.


as well as quite a few others over the last year or so in which I talked about it. Just click on the Wattie’s category and scroll down for the other stories on labels. Otherwise this post has a list of specific urls in relation. You know you’re really making progress when a post becomes a list of self referential links!

These were actually some of the first labels I had a go at recreating over a year ago and I probably picked them because of their clean graphic nature thinking they would be a simple first project. I don’t have an exact date on these three soup labels; I expect there were quite a few more in the range but these are all I have ever seen. I’m taking an educated guess that they date from the very end of the 1960s to perhaps the very early 1970s.

I’ll be back next week with either a post on Four Square supermarkets (finally) or the Tip-Top brand (which I can promise will be better than any puff piece that’s been churned out by their PR department). Of course this all completely depends, not surprisingly, on whimsy.